We have known that cardio workouts benefit heart health, which is one important reason doctors recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise each day. The latest research into the health benefits of a good cardio workout has also revealed that there may be no limit to the services that this type of physical activity provides to promote better cardiovascular health.

In the study, 90,000 test subjects were asked to wear accelerometers to ensure their physical exertion could be monitored over a period of one week. Additionally, the participants were divided up into four groups based on their level of activity. The four groups ranged from those living primarily sedentary lifestyles to those living highly active lives. The researchers found that people in the most active group exhibited a risk of cardiovascular disease reduced by 48% to 57%. It was noted that the risk was even lower than that which previous research had predicted, prompting a belief that physical activity is even more beneficial to heart health than earlier surmised.

The researchers admit there may not be a single, specific reason that exercise has such a significant impact on cardiovascular health. Instead, it’s most likely the culmination of various benefits that training provides, such as promoting weight loss, lowering risks for type 2 diabetes, and helping the body regulate blood pressure. It’s also believed that exercise strengthens the heart, allowing it to better protect itself from problems that would otherwise be more serious.

While it is important to get plenty of exercise each day, the researchers also noted that increasing physical activity gradually would also provide these health benefits. This means that people living a sedentary lifestyle can boost their cardiovascular health by adding a brisk walk or bicycle ride to their daily routine.

Regardless of your current activity level, increasing the amount of time you spend working out can significantly benefit your heart health. Similarly, raising your workouts’ intensity can also benefit you by helping your heart and other muscle groups grow more robust. As long as you consult your doctor before changing your physical activity level, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the benefits that a cardio workout provides.