GHTC, global health technologies coalition, encourages and promotes the research and development (R&D) of essential health technologies in efforts to improve and save lives. This advocacy organization is a coalition of over 25 academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and businesses invested in advancing policies that accelerate the development of vaccines, diagnostics, new drugs, and other advancements that improve healthcare for all.

GHTC asserts on its website that the coalition does not advocate for particular health ares or disease. The coalition instead aims to support policies that advance global health in all disease and health areas. 

What makes GHTC so special is how they do what they do. GHTC first educates policymakers and the global health and development community of the value and impact of research and development in accelerating progress to global health milestones. Research and analysis is used to produce materials to highlight how research and development drives economic growth, enhances global security, and, above all, saves lives. 

Then, GHTC brings members and partners together to form and execute the support of global health R&D. During these meetings, members exchange and debate ideas, find common grounds, and are able to create a shared advocacy agenda. Not only does this strengthen the advancement of global health R&D, but it also aids in the development of strategic alliances with broader global health and develop communities in academic, philanthropic, and private sectors. GHTC’s guiding principle is that we are stronger when we speak with one voice.

Finally, GHTC advocates for public investment and policy solutions to prompt the development of lifesaving health tools. On a national level, GHTC focuses on outreach to the US government. The coalitions pushes for members of the Administration, Congress, and agency officials provide sufficient funding for global health research and development, to incorporate R&D as an integral part of existing programs and strategies, and to advance legislation aimed at accelerating the creation of new health tools. International, GHTC takes a different approach. The coalition ensures global forums like the World Health Assembly includes discussions of global health R&D, as well as works to shape global initiatives that distributes knowledge of R&D activities and improves access to lifesaving health technologies.

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