COVID-19 is a pandemic that has infected millions across the globe. The medical community’s strength and abilities are being tasked like never before. This is especially true of the med-tech industry. The med-tech industry is under tremendous strain to keep up whether it is a demand for critical diagnostic tests or much-needed ventilators.


Also, as hospitals are now mainly focused on treating COVID-19, other procedures have taken a back seat. Even the necessary procedures have been postponed. In addition, patients are also canceling procedures out of fear of going into hospitals. The med-tech industry may also be affected as COVID-19 recoveries cause mass rescheduling of minor and major procedures.


The health care system, along with the med-tech industry, is faced with the challenge of keeping up and evolving with a virus that mutates as part of its nature. The use of AI (artificial intelligence) is being implemented in wearable products and devices in the treatment of people infected with COVID-19. This is especially important since a second wave of this virus is being predicted. The products and devices from the med-tech industry will be useful not only in the hospitals but also at home.


Unfortunately, for every hero, there is a villain. Cybercriminals are also forged ahead to hack into these devices as the health care system and the med-tech industry forge ahead in the fight against COVID-19. These threats already exist in the use of insulin pumps and pacemakers. Ransomware has also been used to gain access to these devices.


Another threat concerning COVID-19 is cybercriminals using malicious emails targeting businesses and average citizens. Their scheme is to get people to open the emails, which usually lead to malware or phishing websites. They rely on people’s concerns and want information about COVID-19 to get access to their devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones. These emails may contain professional names and titles to lure people into opening them. The best way to get information about COVID-19 is to go directly to websites such as WHO (World Health Organization), Web Md, etc.


The use of med-tech in the fight against COVID-19 is just beginning. For there to be a complete and ongoing success, safeguards must be implemented to keep hospitals, businesses, and individuals protected from all threats.