In matters regarding professional sports, proper health is a critical issue. In the sports sector, injuries are understandably common and inevitable.

With modern advances in technology, athletes’ recovery is now revolutionized and more enhanced. Various medical technology companies have now wholly embraced new trends. Therefore, easing the monitoring and recovery journey of injured athletes.


Smart Gumshields


Concussions are common, particularly in high contact sports. They include boxing, soccer, and rugby. Consistent head injuries result in CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), whose severity is gradual. Smart gumshields and mouthguards enable early detection and treatment of head injuries. These intelligent devices conveniently help avert serious health consequences that may arise with time.


The new Prevent Impact Monitor Mouthguard (IMM) is a highly significant development in the sports world. This device has incorporated sensors; thus, it tracks prospective concussion-causing events in real-time. The IMM collects data, including the force and angle of attack. Also, in the case of brain damage, the signal immediately goes up. The Prevent Team mobile app enables a professional review of this data.


Smart Insoles for Runners


Another revolutionary development is smart insoles. Most athletes are oblivious to the fact that how they run possibly damages their health. Nurvv, a biomechanics company, recently invented the Nurvv Run smart insoles. These shoe liners incorporate sensors that track the athletes’ stance. The high-precision sensors acquire data, including the runner’s balance, footstrike, and step length. Typically, these sensors visualize the entire running technique of an athlete. Using the Nurvv Run Coaching app, runners can track their performance. Moreover, this app enables the identification of prospective injuries before they materialize severely.


MRI Technology


For most athletes, joint and muscle injuries are the norm. A severe injury means time off for the player, therefore, affecting the team’s performance adversely. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an effective means of medical imaging. The Vantage Galan 3T MRI uses highly sharp images to evaluate the extent of injuries. This system has a high signal to noise ratio; thus, its accuracy is top-notch. Its gradient amplitude is 45mT/m. Also, the system comes with a ForeSee View tool to enable real-time planning. This system is already in use at Manchester United Football Club.


Artificial Intelligence in Physiotherapy


AI is an undeniably, effective technological trend. The Kaia Health app is a mobile application that offers physiotherapy, particularly for injured athletes. This application provides physio treatment for a broad set of musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries. As such, wounded sportspeople can recover from their homes by engaging in the provided exercises. The application employs a motion-tracker to give feedback on the user’s performance. There’s an in-built chat box to enable real-time consultation with a physiotherapist.