Many parents are in a weird scenario where they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, but their children won’t get the vaccine for some time now. This has raised what non-vaccinated children do when all of the adults around them have already been vaccinated. Parents will have to plan this since it’s believed that it will take many months for those 12 and under to get their vaccine.

 To know what to do, you’ll have to look into what COVID-19 does to children and how it can be prevented. Understand all of this information before you have your un-vaccinated children out and doing things.


 Fortunately, children have the luck of not worrying too much about going to the hospital due to the COVID-19. The CDC statistics state that adults older than 85 are 80 times likelier to be hospitalized from COVID-19 than those under 17. This doesn’t mean every child is out of the park, though.

 You see, some children have unfortunately passed away from COVID-19 or even have had developed long-term conditions due to the disease. Parents should keep that in mind whenever having their kids out and playing, but parents need to balance many things right now. The good news overall is that children won’t have to worry too much about hospitalization from COVID-19.


 Children have suffered this year due to not being able to socialize with their friends that they are used to. As we learn more about preventive measures and how COVID-19 spreads, some parents have been thinking about getting their kids together for playdates. Parents should genuinely understand though what makes a playdate safe and what doesn’t.

 For instance, children should consider playing outside as it has been found that COVID-19 is much less likely to spread out rather than indoor spaces. Parents can also view indoor playdates, but the CDC says this might only be OK if everyone inside the indoor space is wearing a mask at all times. For parents that have a child with a long-term health condition, it’s recommended that their children completely stay away from playing with other kids at the moment. Make sure that you take in all of this information to make the right decision if you’re children should be playing with others or not.